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Socialising your habit building journey.
Want to build a habit? #ChallengeInPublic lets you to build habit, social proof your challenge & earn credibility. Challenge yourself and publicly commit to it. Share what you are learning along the way.

The best time to build your habit publicly is NOW.
Socialising your habit building journey
Does any of these sound familiar to you?
Falling out of practice and
stop halfway
Lack of motivation and
No direction on how to
get started
Start building a habit
Start building a habit
Stop starting something you never finished.
Start building a habit
Challenge yourself publicly. Commit and build a habit to write and publish everyday throughout the challenge period with a supportive community of similar challengers.
Stop working alone and start socialising.
Social proof your challenge
Surround yourself with a community of like-minded people with the same goal as you, which can provide us with an extra energy boost that we need to power through.
Start socialising and social proof your challenge
Share your learnings, gain exposure and recognition
Constantly share your learnings with the public.
Gain exposure and recognition
Sharing your knowledge with others along the way. Get more exposure to your talents. Giving the community you interact with the opportunity to idenfity you as a valuable expert. Helping others can help build your reputation.
Create and join challenges publicly
Launch, set goals and join challenges created by you or other creators.
Create challenge
The first community-driven platform that allows you to set goals to your challenge publicly. You'll never sway from what you initially wanted to achieve.

Inspired from #100DaysOfCode. Launch your own version of #100DaysOfX or join other habit-building challenges created by the community on our platform.
Review your progress
View your daily progress or by the end of your challenge period to see the achievements you've accomplished.
Review your progress
Wall of Fame
Show off a little and get featured on your challenge's wall of fame. Let the supportive community to discover you and engage together.
Wall of fame
Start building a habit
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